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RemoteView Class Reference

#include <remoteview.h>

Inherited by VncView.

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Detailed Description

Generic widget that displays a remote framebuffer. Implement this if you want to add another backend.

Things to take care of:

Definition at line 58 of file remoteview.h.

Public Types

enum  DotCursorState { CursorOn, CursorOff, CursorAuto }
enum  ErrorCode {
  None = 0, Internal, Connection, Protocol,
  IO, Name, NoServer, ServerBlocked,
enum  Quality { Unknown, High, Medium, Low }
enum  RemoteStatus {
  Connecting = 0, Authenticating = 1, Preparing = 2, Connected = 3,
  Disconnecting = -1, Disconnected = -2

Public Slots

virtual void enableScaling (bool scale)
virtual void keyEvent (QKeyEvent *event)
virtual void scaleResize (int w, int h)
virtual void setGrabAllKeys (bool grabAllKeys)
virtual void setViewOnly (bool viewOnly)
virtual void switchFullscreen (bool on)


void connected ()
void disconnected ()
void disconnectedError ()
void errorMessage (const QString &title, const QString &message)
void framebufferSizeChanged (int w, int h)
void mouseStateChanged (int x, int y, int buttonMask)
void showingPasswordDialog (bool b)
void statusChanged (RemoteView::RemoteStatus s)

Public Member Functions

virtual DotCursorState dotCursorState () const
virtual QSize framebufferSize ()
virtual bool grabAllKeys ()
virtual QString host ()
virtual HostPreferences * hostPreferences ()=0
virtual bool isQuitting ()
virtual int port ()
virtual bool scaling () const
virtual void showDotCursor (DotCursorState state)
virtual bool start ()=0
virtual void startQuitting ()
RemoteStatus status ()
virtual bool supportsLocalCursor () const
virtual bool supportsScaling () const
virtual void updateConfiguration ()
KUrl url ()
virtual bool viewOnly ()

Protected Member Functions

void focusInEvent (QFocusEvent *event)
void focusOutEvent (QFocusEvent *event)
QCursor localDotCursor () const
QString readWalletPassword (bool fromUserNameOnly=false)
 RemoteView (QWidget *parent=0)
void saveWalletPassword (const QString &password, bool fromUserNameOnly=false)
virtual void setStatus (RemoteStatus s)

Protected Attributes

DotCursorState m_dotCursorState
bool m_grabAllKeys
QString m_host
bool m_keyboardIsGrabbed
int m_port
bool m_scale
RemoteStatus m_status
KUrl m_url
bool m_viewOnly
KWallet::Wallet * m_wallet

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